Xiaomi Aims to Upstage the iPhone with Bezel-Less Smartphone

October 5, 2017

Xiamoi’s bezel-less Mi Mix smartphone revamped the world of technology with its seamlessness, user-friendly interface, and promising results. It created a stir in the technological world and managed to garner a lot of attention from the tech-savvies. Now, the Chinese phone maker Xiaomi is ready to launch its follow-up version at a grand event in Beijing a day before the Apple’s iPhone launch.

The time of launch is highly appropriate and suitable for the Chinese phone making company since its previous product was a great smash, and there are many expectations from the upcoming iPhone.

Why the time of release is considered a golden time of Xiamoi?

Since all expectations are from Apple so all eyes will be on it, for it has to release a product that parts itself from a bundle of tick-tock iterations to boost its brand image and add up to the deteriorating sales in the outskirts of China. The tech experts have deduced from their observation that the upcoming iPhone will entail a plenty of radical changes, so in launching a day before Apple, Xiaomi will be able to take the spotlight towards it’s follow-up device for more than 24 hours.

Not only this, it will also be able to share a ground for direct comparisons and innovative ideas with Apple. Apart from that, it will also get an opportunity to one-up with Apple and take the crown for its creativity. The Mi Max was a super-hit, which is why it not only lured the usual fan base of Xiaomi but also the ones who had recently joined the Xiaomi’s flagship clan. It shows that its fans would give the same love and appreciation to this new follow-up device that is brimmed with a stunning font design.

During the initial phase of its launch, it was considered a serious breakthrough. People, from all over the world, were manifesting their love for the device. It was up to the norms and standards of that time but since now, the world of technology has undergone several transformations, so the need to create a device that is up to the modern trends and technologies has increased manifolds. Keeping this in view, Xiamoi has introduced a new follow-up device that pivots the current technological methods and strategies.

Early reports suggest that this smaller bezel will have support for Android 8.0 Oreo and Snapdragon 836 chipset off the bat. Yet, one cannot assume its specifications unless it enters the realm of the marketplace. Xiamoi is also not revealing too much now because they don’t want to spoil the event that they have set up very nicely.


As the time progresses, the Chinese phone maker, Xiamoi is getting far more opportunistic with its products than it was ever before. It has started believing in its methodologies, team members and strategies more. This is the reason why 2017 has been a better year for Xiaomi, for it has finally maintained a heady growth of its early days.


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