Ways to Include Bots In Your Digital Marketing Strategy

August 2, 2017

A bot is like a wind-up toy that knows the art of performing certain tasks of humans on its own to give humans rest for some time. Crafting digital marketing strategy is one such task where bots do help. Do you want to know the ways that bots employ to help humans in creating a digital marketing strategy? Then read on:

Maintain a relationship with your website visitors

It is vital to have a strong relationship with the visitors of your website because they are the ones, which soon turn into leads. If you want to maintain a strong relationship with them, you will have to craft a strategy that is based on compassion not on narcissism. It means that you will have to satiate their appetite for knowledge by giving them the answers of their questions instead of praising your own product every now and then. How can you do so? By using bots to emulate live chats. Even survey has proved that more than 50% of customers prefer live chats instead of emails.


By including bots in your digital marketing strategy, you are making the process of research easy for yourself since bots help a lot in research. For example, GrowthBot that is easily accessible can be used with Facebook, Twitter, and Slack. Bots also let you focus on the important things while letting you ignore the least important matters.

Leads Generation

Bots play a major role in generating you a massive lead. These bots provide you a clear knowledge about the current standing of your customer in the sales funnel. Driftbot by Drift is one such software that constantly keeps a client aware of his customer’s current stature.

A strong team

An organized team is the backbone of a successful business. When there are conflicts between the team members, an organization doesn’t flourish, therefore it is important for all the team members to stay united and bots like Nikabot and Standup bot create a harmony between the members.


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