Virtual Reality: Technology that improved lives of disabled people.

April 14, 2017

Technology is indeed one of the greatest innovations that man has revolutionized in the orthodox inventions. Technology has not just made our lives easier through various aspects but has also granted a new sunshine of hope to those who tend to be hopeless and disheartened because of the dispossession of the abilities that a normal human being has. Yes we are talking about the physically and mentally challenged fellows here and we are going to highlight a few things that technology has transformed in the lives of these disabled people in this blog.

With fast technological advancement, gone are the days for the disabled people when they had to rely on others for the tiniest tasks. Science and technology has created and introduced magical solutions in terms of various apps, gadgets, devices and tools that have unrestrained these people from being dependent and parasitic.

Talking about this lad David who is 21 years old, who has speech disability. He uses technology as his life saver. He quotes, “Technology is very important because it enables me to communicate and be more independent, which gives me freedom.”

David uses a device that helps him communicate with the people in his surroundings, known as a Liberator Communication Device that works with his eye movements. It also has a bluetooth adaptor to provide connectivity with an external device such as PC or any other system in order to send communication commands through the liberator device.

Virtual Reality is one of the biggest achievements of technology which has helped people who have become disabled due to any injury or accident in rehabilitating and recovering from their disabilities in the most graceful way. Virtual reality has voice activated software configured with interactive systems helping the disabled users to navigate a whole new experience of the virtual world.


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