Use Instagram and Snapchat as marketing tools

July 21, 2018

After the outburst of smartphones and social media apps, the ways of marketing have changed drastically. Most of the marketing is done utilizing these platforms and they make a huge difference in enhancing your online presence. Facebook has been considered the best platform to market any kind of business and it is a fact that it has not lost its effectiveness, but some new platforms are definitely marking their presence especially Instagram and Snapchat.

As these apps are extremely popular among smartphone users, they give an instant boost to your business and strategically enhancing your clientele. Many big brands are using these apps for their marketing campaigns and have got tremendous results and boost in the sales.

Instagram as a marketing platform

Instagram is exceptionally popular in all age groups and has a billion active users and 400 million using its most popular tool InstaStories. Upload your business profile and use relevant hashtags, partner with influencers and utilize InstaStories for marketing and you will notice your increased online presence and a rise on the search engines. As the platform is less time consuming and a number of increasing followers on daily basis, it serves as a great tool to get recognition. The whole process and its success is how creative you can be with your strategy and utilize various tools and associated apps for posting a variety of posts.

You can also encourage your clients to add stories with your hashtag that will instantly increase the number of followers.

Snapchat as a marketing platform

Snapchat is one of the most popular platforms among teens. It can serve as a great marketing tool especially if you own a brand catering to these age groups. Keep the tone of the posts simple and use preferably a catchy tagline. You can upload live coverage of your events on Snapchat and it can help in building a customized personality of the brand. There is less completion on the app up till now but the things are changing rapidly.


Social media is taking over the digital world and changing the ways how marketing was once done. Instagram and Snapchat have gained immense popularity and can now serve an outstanding marketing tool for your business. Utilize them and you will see the results in very less time. They have various features that can make your campaign very creative.


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