Tinder Hits the Landmark of Top Grossing App in The App Store

October 16, 2017

Tinder has reached the hallmark of being the top-notch App in the App Store’s top-grossing category for the very first time in its history. It has proved its worth by getting up a slot there, in the infamous store of applications—App Store. After facing a duel with insurmountable challenges of the competitive world of tech, it has finally received its due.

How did Tinder get a top slot in App Store?

Tinder claimed a top slot in the App Store fringe after it launched Tinder Gold globally, flashing its image up front for being one of the top gross applications in the App store. The Tinder Gold is a minuscule of Tinder that runs by letting users see the engagement upon their posts at the tip of a flick and swipe. It has a multitude of other features too.

Tinder’s initial foray into the monetization business came in the year 2015 with the global launch of Tinder Plus that lets its users ‘Rewind’ about the accidental left swipes. Not to mention, it entails the ‘Passport’ feature that lets subscribers search outside the realm of their geographical radius.

Addition of new revenue models

The company has also integrated a diverse range of new revenue models, for instance, advertising within the feed. Additionally, it also entails a limited quantity of a la carte paid features like Tinder Boost and Super Like. Super Like provides you with an opportunity to notify a person you like so that he can come to know that you are following him before he swipes on you. It will mark your profile with a blue star, making you one of the most credible users.

On the other hand, Tinder Boost lets you prance through the line and visit the feeds of other users as they scroll down the dating service. While Tinder Gold was evaluating a handful of markets for the last month, the company rolled out Tinder Gold on a global podium and the next day, it topped the charts of App Store by being the most grossing app.

According to App Annie, the dating apps make up one-third of the top 15 applications by iOS revenues, with music and video streaming apps. Also, the analytics service has highlighted the fact that Tinder has become one of the top 15 iOS apps throughout the year of 2017 in terms of daily revenues.  Not to mention, it has also trailed in the top ten apps for the month of July and August.

In the nutshell

With the rise and fall of statistics, major changes occur in the mainstream tech culture. This has exactly what has changed the brand story of Tinder by replacing it with a better one. Having said, Tinder is now considered one of the most go-to apps to seek dating services.


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