Soundcloud apps to stream and enjoy the best music

November 21, 2017

SoundCloud is rapidly becoming one of the best and unique music services around the globe. It offers a wide range of music and artists and the best part is that it is free. With Soundcloud you are even to discover some of the coolest but hidden tracks from the renowned artist which you are not able to find anywhere else. It is free; anyone can upload a file a song and everyone can enjoy.

Nothing could be better than experiencing SoundCloud in exciting new ways. That’s exactly what we’re listing up in this list post. Enjoy some of the best Soundcloud apps.


Auryo is a simple player for music streaming. It allows access to your Soundcloud app but the list cannot be edited. It is the perfect desktop patron for SoundCloud. Auryo is compatible with Apple, Mac and Linux. It lends the freedom of playing the music while you work and has keyboard shortcuts’ support so that you can play, pause, and skip tracks as you work.

Noise supply

Noise supply is a convenient way to create a huge playlist from Soundcloud. It works as a search engine for songs. All you need to do is enter the name of an artist, a SoundCloud track, or a genre of your choice and click the “Make Some Noise” option. Noise Supply will play songs one after the other based on your first input.

Sound wall

Sound offers a really cool interface. Search for the song title and you will get six different results.Simply,  float the mouse over any cover to start playing the song. Move the mouse away to pause.


If you want to download or listen to a song off Soundcloud offline the best option is to download it from Soundtake. Into Soundtake’s box copy-paste the track, playlist, group, likes, or user’s URL. You can download a complete playlist or a user’s whole catalog. You’ll still have to download each track manually by clicking the Download button but at least an option is available now.

Soundtake also supports the top quality available, including FLAC or 320Kbps MP3 files.

This is especially suitable to download the old episodes of a new podcast you discover, or an artist to listen to later.


Drrrops is a cool experience. Just search for an artist or track, click on it to start playing and then watch as the comments show along in huge letters in the center of your screen to the music. It’s simple, candid and interesting.

The amazing combines Soundcloud, Spotify and Youtube and offers you a huge playlist to stream through. It’s an incredible way to enjoy new and trending music including the best SoundCloud remixes and leaks.


Music lovers all around the globe relish Soundcloud. These apps integrating with Soundcloud take it to the whole new level of enjoyment. They give the users the liberty of download and provide a wide range of artists and playlists to choose from. The experience becomes as awesome as the music.


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