Samsung to take innovation one step further

January 6, 2018

We all know that Samsung is one of those few tech companies in the world who has diversified into several products consumed by people on daily basis. From high-tech smartphones to innovative refrigerators, Samsung has covered absolutely every gadget/product that a consumer may acquire on daily basis.  It is surely difficult to find a gadget which may not be covered by the umbrella of Samsung.

2018 has just started and it is very interesting to see that Samsung has already initiated some of its ideas to come to reality during the year. At the upcoming CSE 2018, we can expect Samsung to introduce extraordinary technologies to feature during the year.

What is C-Lab?

C-Lab is a program launched by Samsung 5 years ago. During this 5 years period, the program gained familiarity and momentum, helping the company to initiate and launch various innovative technologies. According to the top professionals of the company, the program helped their employees to seek and experience new high-tech projects. This year the program is ready to launch special tech gadgets such as portable speakers, smart visual-aid glasses and a device which will enable us to breathe properly.


S-Ray could probably be the most anticipated gadget to be released during the year. S-Ray is a technology based on a mobile speaker. It is regarded as one of the smallest in size, lighter in weight and very much economical in terms of price. The company has promised that they have not compromised on the sound quality. The company initiated a technology which enables the device to transmit the sound directly to the listener, reducing the level of distraction which might occur.


Well, we have something for the people who have damaged their lungs. Samsung will release one another important gadget which will make life easier for people who have damaged their lungs. The device is paired up with of their health apps allowing the patient to recognize and record their breathing habits and enhance their breathing techniques through different exercise. The information recorded can also get transferred to your doctor through the mobile application.

Relumino glasses

C-Labs are also looking to introduce Relumino glasses during the year. The glasses are designed to meet the requirements of individuals who have visual impairments and are not able to focus on different objects and images. The Relumino companion mobile application was first released in the year 2017 whereas this time the glasses will provide the complete hardware component.

The spectacles are combined with the mobile application which opts to utilize the phone’s battery and processor. The smartphone will be used to process all the images, videos and objects seen through the spectacles and transmit the display on the Relumino glasses. `


With the introduction of these technologies we can conclude that from the year 2018, Samsung is catering to almost every industry and working for the best interest of the people with initiating lower prices compared to other tech firms.


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