Prevent cyber-attacks on your smartphone

December 27, 2017

Last 10 years of technology development has marked the existence and use of mobile applications whereas with technology rising day by day is one of the biggest drawbacks which have been measured is the rise of cyber-attacks. According to a study proposed by Gartner more than 75% of mobile applications fail the standard security test.

Majority of the world’s businessmen believe that mobile applications are not prone towards cyber-attacks however, nowadays hackers are targeting mobile applications more than anything and it has become a top priority of all business professionals to secure their mobile applications.

Various types of security threats

Digital world has brought both pros and cons with itself and one of the biggest drawbacks of the digital world is the various types of security threats that have come up. According to what the world has seen, there are different major types of security threats.

Cross-Device threats

There is a number of apps which allow the user to download the app from PC and later on added to the mobile device. This causes the cross-device virus.

App store security threat

According to a survey, 90% of the mobile apps are vulnerable, Apple usually is very concerned regarding securities and accommodate users to access top grade quality apps. However, Android apps are much more prone towards cyber-attacks, this may be due to a wide range of devices, OS and app store requirements.

Mobile Malware

Mobile malware is one of the serious and most devastating security threat. Most of the mobile devices are attacked by malware which allows the hacker to steal all your important data.

Preventing security threats

One thing is for sure, there is always a cure for everything. Online security threats always have a remedy however, it is totally based on the knowledge of the person exposed to the threats. To prevent cyber-attacks, it is very important to follow various guidelines and steps to ensure safety measures.

Incorporate Authentication and Identification

One of the most important procedures for ensuring safety measures is to integrate authentication and identification in-app APIs. It is very important to ensure that API only offers access to crucial parts of the app which result in diminishing the weakness of the app. App developers usually would use OAUTH for securing the app API from unrecognized and untrusted devices.

Initiate a security code

During the development of a mobile application, it is very important to integrate proper security coding. For every app developer it is ideal to include security frameworks otherwise it will become easier for the hacker to find any flaw and gain control of your application.

In order to avoid such threats, it is advised to secure your app through Runtime application protection and carry a breech test to make sure that everything is according to the safety measures.

Backend security

To initiate a top-level security it is very important to secure your backend and prevent unwanted and unauthorized access. APIs which have the ability to access the servers should always be tested before passing the app on to the database from the client and app’s server.


Mobile apps are not prone to threats is only a myth, as said earlier mobile apps are vulnerable and are easily exposed to threats. It is very important to follow proper guidelines to ensure top-level safety, otherwise, modern-day hackers will have the access to your valuable information.


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