Pinterest, a growing platform for diverse business benefits

August 24, 2018

Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have dominated the digital marketing arena since long and have undoubtedly provided immense benefits to the businesses utilizing these platforms. However, there is another tool that has been overlooked but offers promising features and strategies that if used appropriately can bring outstanding digital marketing outcomes.

Pinterest has been never considered as a place where brands could mark their presence and gain results, although it offers a diverse range that shouldn’t be ignored. If your brand is not utilizing Pinterest to boost traffic and engage users, think again as doing so can be a game changer for your brand.

Pins can increase customer engagement when promoted

Pinterest has expanded the availability of its promoted Pins into various regions of the world. When a Pin is boosted, it gets more visibility providing user access to your website or online store increasing user engagement and online sales.

It is a similar feature to Facebook ads and can be used for the targeted audience. Pinterest states that about 61% of Pinners did online purchasing or business after seeing an ad on Pinterest.

Remarkable conversion rate

A study conducted in 2016 observed that 93% of the Pinners made online purchases using the platform. Pinterest especially targets products that are visually appealing for instance clothes, jewellery, decorative items etc. and enables customers to get inspired by the well-crafted content. Usually, the conversion rates for re-pinned products is quite high but if you sell lee appealing products, a well-presented product detail and content can still generate conversions.

User demographic is changing

The general impression about Pinterest is that it is mostly used by women but recent figures are showing a 50% increase in active male users. If your target audience is men, all you need to do is to generate male-centric content and you can get your brand conversion from the platform too due to the rapidly changing user base.

Visibility across various channels

You can embed your Pins through various channels to enhance engagement. It is quite easy to induce Pinterest content into websites and emails. Many big businesses follow this strategy and have maximized their user engagement. By integrating your most re-shared Pins, in your emails, you can also enhance the traffic towards your Pinterest page.

Moreover, by adding those pins to your website you can enable your users to discover your boards for product discovery and details.

Buyable Pins and Shop the look Features

Pinterest also offers the buyable Pins and Shop the look features that enables the users to make a purchase while streaming the platform. Although the feature is limited for selected vendors right now but its growing popularity will soon make it available for all kind of businesses. The buy now CTA allows the customers to purchase the required products without leaving the app.


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