Outstanding gadgets about to launched

July 12, 2018

easier in every way possible. As technology is evolving a lot of new gadgets on an almost daily basis and they have a wide range. Either it is a simple stove or an AI inculcated self-driving car, we are now surrounded by technology which was even hard to imagine a few years ago.


Self-healing tents by Nano-Cure

If you are fond of camping you must know the importance of a tent and how irritating and difficult it is to survive if the tent is damaged and this can happen quite often. The fabric gets torn by sharp thorns or branches while camping. Nano-Cure has come up with a product which is magical, it is a self-healing tent. If the tent is damaged it can be fixed by just rubbing a finger on the affected area and abaca dabra it is done.

AR glasses by Mix

VR headsets are quite common and popular but augmented reality has not been able to gain such limelight though have a lot of potential in many fields such as gaming, medical, engineering etc. the AR glasses by Mix are not the first ones but are definitely the most exciting and efficient. Smaller in size than the VR headsets, they give an immersive 96-degree view. They are also compatible to stream VR games.

Wearable charging cables by NILS

We are surrounded by devices and all of them need to be charged. Our charging cables are everywhere and most of us carry separate sets for office, car and home. Here NILS comes to rescue with their wearable charging cables. Although they are not the first one but they are the most cost-efficient. Quite smart looking they are fun to wear and are quite beneficial.

Scribit, a robot that can draw and erase

AI is taking over. With home assistants to robots that can cook and serve, the future definitely belongs to AI. With 3D printers, robots that could draw are not new. However, Scribit is an exception as it can not only draw various designs on the walls of your house but can erase and draw again. A dream come true for interior designers but you can also change the look of your office or living room in an instant.

ForwardxOvis, a self-driving suitcase

Self-driving cars are not a thing of past anymore but an autonomous luggage that follows you anywhere you go is something which is new. Equipped with a 170-degree wide-angle lens and built-in facial recognition software, allowing the device to follow you at up to 7 miles per hour. Accompanied by a bracelet to let you know if the suitcase happens to wander out of range mostly in the case of theft. It is also smart enough to avoid obstacles and is just less than 10 pounds with a waterproof surface.


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