Online location based services and its application to overcome cyber crimes globally.

April 14, 2017

Online location based services provides a variety of useful, engaging and attractive applications and have been incorporated to number of new innovative programs. Location based services have been used in the field of marketing, for tracking purposes, geo tagging, navigation, location based social media channels, mobile location based gaming and augmented reality.

Apart from all these applications, online location based services is very useful to overcome cyber crimes globally when individuals exploit convenience, speed and anonymity that a single technology offers. Cyber crimes are divided into two categories:

Cyber enabled crime and,

Cyber dependent crime.

We are all exposed to cyber crimes, either on individual basis or as a company. You should know this fact that 80% of cyber crimes is preventable with online location base services. As internet usage is increasing day by day, the people around the world are coming closer to each other. But, this growth had created another major problem for individuals who spend time browsing on internet, in words cyber crimes. While the law and enforcement agencies around the world are trying their best to overcome and resolve the issues of people who are victims of hacking, theft etc.

One of the key ways through which we can prevent and control cyber crimes and protect sensitive company information through online location based services is that they can provide a number of key insights into the victim’s whereabouts as well as habits and other activities, helping the law enforcement authorities to track the criminal activity.

On the other hand, online location based services could also track smartphone users or sometimes completely takeover control over mobile devices as well. As per Ralf-Philip Weinmann, researcher at University of Luxemberg, most mobile devices instead of using GPS services, receive much faster GPS signals from mobile networks to analyze approximate location. The researcher also discovered in the study that these A-GPS messages are send over a highly non-secure online link which can be switched for messages from any criminal.




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