New Pixel 2 leaks reveal a new design change

August 2, 2017

You’ve all whetted your appetites for the new Pixel 2 coming in 2017, and a few leaks have started trickling you through already. Why not? Google’s first Pixel smartphone was, after all, the best phone of the year 2016.

For the upcoming Pixel 2, it’s still too early for serious leaks of our favorite upcoming phone of 2017. However, one of the rumors so far revolving around us is Pixel 2 features, and it seems the smartphone will be a little different than what we’ve seen.

As we’re expecting the release of Google Pixel 2 will be roughly in or around October 2017. According to one source, it’ll apparently carry a high price tag than its predecessor –Google Pixel Smartphone – and is something we hope doesn’t turn out to be true. As the price of Google Pixel had started at $649/ AU$1,079, or $769/ AU$1,269 for the XL version, so it was already expensive.

But hold your horses as without further ado, I’m going to quickly reveal the design modification for Pixel 2, we’re all waiting for, so far.

First off, I’d like to mention a design change that you shouldn’t miss is, the Google Pixel 2 smartphone appears to have a thinner bezel design on both the top and bottom. Whereas, the back of the smartphone is completely modified, having a full back glass, compared to the original Pixel’s half glass and aluminum body. In addition, the new phone is also sporting cut-away edges.

Body Design

The second noticeable difference is that the Google logo on Pixel 2, shifts further down the back plate, along with the camera and flash, in-line with the center of the fingerprint scanner. On the other hand, the speakers on the Pixel 2, have moved from the bottom of the device to the lower bezel on the front. Moreover, it has the 3.5mm headphone jack with USB Type-C port at the bottom.


Unfortunately, some of the reveals are kept secret until the time of the actual release date, mostly about the specs of the Pixel 2, however, it is expected to have a Qualcomm’s newest Snapdragon 835 processor.


It is expected that Google Pixel 2 will have a RAM, going up from 4GB to 6GB, with an upgrade in screen resolution.


As for the cameras, it is expected that Google Pixel 2 will not have the dual-camera option. The sources have reported that both the Pixel 2 ‘walleye’ and Pixel 2 ‘taimen’ will have a single camera sensor with a dual-LED flash.


Since the actual release date of Google Pixel 2 is yet to come, things might appear a slightly more appealing than what we’ve expected, by considering the hype-pace for the Google Pixel 2 smartphone.

But one thing is for sure, that Google Pixel phones are designed to stand against the leading brands such as iPhone, and thus carry a more premium price tag.


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