Nest’s new line product has fueled the fire of smart-home war

March 20, 2018

We have witnessed many wars; Apple versus Samsung, Oracle versus SAP, Facebook versus MySpace, iOS versus Android, Bookstores versus Amazon, Xbox versus Nintendo versus PlayStation, and the list goes on. Presently, what’s looming on the horizons is a smart-home war between Google and Amazon. Soon after Google announced its reabsorption of Nest, Amazon acquired doorbell-camera startup Ring for $1 billion according to reports. It’s not hard to tell why Amazon will no longer be selling Nest’s line product.

Amazon and Google can’t get along

Amazon has also resisted itself from selling Google home. When you search for Google Home on Amazon, it will lead you to other alternatives, even to Echo speaker— Amazon’s rival. Although it does sell some of the Nest Products including smoke detector and thermostat, but it has shut its doors for many others like Nest E and Nest Secure alarm system.

Nest backfires:

Last Thursday, Nest declared that the already-announced products, namely Nest x Yale smart door lock and Nest Hello video doorbell, will be available for $249 and $229— respectively. It also announced the new temperature sensor ($40) to regulate the temperature of certain rooms individually.

The more devices the merrier:

The best thing about Nest line of products is the smooth synchronization between them. They stay well-informed about each other’s existence and respond to each other in ways that actually make sense. In a home well-equipped with Nest products, you can open the Nest x Yale lock, which will deactivate the Nest Secure security system automatically, regulate thermostat, and turn off the Nest Cams—allowing you to maintain your privacy.

Nest and Google Assistant:

Considering the features and capabilities, Nest does not need to have a dedicated voice-assistant system to manage its entire line of product. It rather relies on Google Assistant—the technology that has been leveraging the huge investments of Google into the voice technology, AI as well as search. This intends that all the devices compatible with Google assistant can be connected to Nest’s platform. Meanwhile, where Nest has been launching its own line of product, the Nest hardware can step into the gigantic Google’s ecosystem.

To wrap up:

The budding relationship between Nest and Google is going to be a mutually benefiting reunification; backing Google to compete with Siri and Alexa in the smart home, while making Nest products more tempting to consumers who are interested in managing their devices using simple voice commands. Together, they can innovate the integrations of their products, and outperform their competitors.



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