Major digital trends of 2018

January 2, 2018

If you look back into the year 2017, tech gadgets along with the latest technologies, circulating all around us and proving the world that how technologies are intervening in their daily life. The year 2018 has just started and technology realms like artificial intelligence is already buzzing. It is not surprising that they will continue to hinder and amend the way we live and have an everlasting impact on our lives.

Here are the major technology trends to be followed in the year 2018:

Alexa to expand further

Alexa was already trending in the year 2017 and surely made a lot of people across the globe, actually tripping on how Alexa is affecting their lives by making it easier to survive in the world of technology. 2018 will be the year where we will see further integration in Alexa. Amazon will probably be taking away a larger part of the market share leaving behind its competitors like Google, Apple and Microsoft.

Automation and AI to expand grip

The year has just started and we can already see that how AI is already buzzing. In the year 2017 machine learning and artificial intelligence failed to meet the requirements of the users around the globe. It is to be believed that the work done in the AI sector in 2018 will rise, probably increasing the use of chatbots.

The use of AR and VR

2016 was the year of Augmented and Virtual reality, AR got a boost with the release of Pokémon Go but after that nothing significant happened. AR was kept quiet in the year 2017 whereas the retailers were looking to adopt VR into their businesses. In 2018, the much-awaited Harry Potter AR game is to be released, we might see another rise of the technology.

Virtual Reality has yet not been initiated properly and this year might become the era of Virtual Reality. Major retailers across the globe such as Ikea and Walmart are looking to bring in both virtual and augmented reality to good use and satisfy their customers to the fullest.

Self-Driving Vehicles

The work in the field of an Autonomous vehicle or in other words self-driving vehicles is still on the way. All the major tech firms such as Google, Uber Tesla and many others are still working hard to initiate and introduce the technology by the year 2020. The prototypes have already been introduced and tested where we have witnessed success and failures both. 2018 is one another important year for the technology to grow and groom.

Rise of the cryptocurrency

This year we will also witness the rise and underpinning of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is basically a dispersed ledger system which goes by the name Blockchain. With the introduction of the Blockchain, the use of middleman will not be required as it doesn’t need the use of a middleman to verify records.


The year 2018 seems to be very exciting specifically talking about the tech industry. The expectations are very high and it will be very interesting to see how all the tech firms will operate. According to what we have assumed, the year 2018 will transform the whole world.


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