Live Video Strategy: How to Create A Show That Engages

July 7, 2017

Want to be an “Icon” while sharing your content on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube? Then this article is for you!

A short live-video goes a long way, especially when it means sharing of knowledge, or a business. So don’t be afraid to let loose now and again, take a camera and get ready. What’s good about it is, if done tastefully, it’s bound to make people follow you, making you a real ICON.

Live video marketing has become a sensational trend in the online world. Let’s not be unthankful to Facebook Live and a number of competing for social mediums, providing startups and top brands a platform to bring value. After all, we all love watching live videos.

We’re all interested in broadcasting live video, but are too scared or unaware of what it takes to make it successful. As a digital marketing researcher, I’ve been using this tactic since its inception. And today, I’ve decided to write about the secret ingredients that can make you a Live-video Guru instantly!

First, let’s examine why live video is so popular at first place:

  • Appeal of the video

As simple as that! Human Psychology supports the concept that general population tends to prefer visual content over written content because it’s the most basic form of interaction. With faster Internet speeds and mobile devices, it’s easier than ever to create and watch videos and has become a popular trend in marketing communities as well.

  • Live moment value

People love to feel “in the moment,” and live videos give them that experience. Regardless of thousand recorded event videos, they want to experience the present moment and get entertained through it.

  • User’s instant feedback

The most exciting aspect of the live video is, it opens a door to real-time feedback. People like to react in terms of asking related questions or making comments, which adds a layer of engagement to video itself.

SECRET # 1 is consistency. 

Your audience wants to know that you’re there for them every single week. People pay attention to commitment, when you make a commitment to them, they’ll stick to you. In easy words, “out of sight, out of mind”!

Secret # 2 is the life stream.

The goal here is to involve a “human element” to your video content. To create this video, use your mobile device and share who you are and what you’re going to present, it will turn your audience into a loyal viewers group.

For inspiration, you can do life streams talking about what you’re going to do in the show and when it will broadcast. Let people feel like part of that experience. At the same time, you can present behind the cam scenes, or a group of friends expressing excitement on the go. Remember, a lifestream is supposed to be random.

Secret #3 is the after live.

One of the biggest blunders people make is, thinking that their live video is all about their live video, well it’s not. The live video will have more views after the live show, so don’t get caught up with a number of live viewers.

To reuse your live video, you can edit and trim the video and release it as a podcast (episodic serious of digital audio files), a YouTube video, or whatever fits into your overall strategy.

Once you’ve learned these steps, Secret # 4 is Show Flow

Start with a tease! Because it is what makes people curious, plain psychology! And it’ll help you reuse your videos.

Tell people what they’re going to experience and learn from the video, even for a fun video. For instance, “Hey, today I’m going to show you my new kitten”, then you can add an intro for people who don’t know you, it will help them join your live videos. So, explain your audience who you are and what’s in the video for them.

For Instance, how I’d do it… “Hey Streamers, I’m going to give you the secrets to get your ex back, I’ve been a love-guru, helping people out for last 11 years. I’ve really fine-tuned this formula, so I’m excited to share it with you today. But first, before we get started, I really want to hear from you.”

Then ask a question such as, “My question to you is: Have you been sincere? Yes or no. Give me a big yes or no in the comments.” After asking the question, you’ll engage the audience tremendously.


It’s simple, yet so many of us are afraid to do. However, with these steps, you’ll be able to push yourself beyond your fear and have your own YouTube channel, guaranteed!


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