Inculcating AI in the world of Arts

March 16, 2018

As the artificial intelligence emerged at a rapid pace, the technology left its marks on every field. Having things like artificial intelligence, machine learning and robots around is now a norm. However, there are fields that require human creativity to the highest levels, one of them being fine arts. A painting needs to be made by hand, and if it is not, it loses its worth. However, it is important to know that how the latest technology can be utilized to produce pieces of arts that have a tint of the latest technology while being visually appealing.

In a similar manner, integration of AI in other forms of arts is also being done and the results are appreciable.

There are a number of apps and software that are supported by AI to help the artists.

AI integration with music

Earlier in November 2017, the world witnessed something extraordinary when Kaiji Moriyama, a renowned dancer, played the piano without even touching it. There were sensors attached to his body through which he was able to play the tune using his body movements. It was an amazing sight to witness. It was in collaboration with Yamaha, and the company is now all set to cross more boundaries in future.

AI bot by Microsoft

This is yet another invention to uplift the world of arts. If you understand art and are creative enough to have all the crazy ideas but cannot draw, this bot is your buddy. All you have to do is just write the idea or the image you have in mind and this bot will draw it for you.

The Prisma app

One of the most popular apps within art lovers. Prisma has filters according to the styles of various famous artists. You can convert any picture according to a particular artist’s style, the way they would have painted it. The app is especially helpful for emerging artists who want to learn a typical style. Additionally, it gives an entirely new look to the picture, liberating the photographers to play around with the filters.


This is a kind of an assistant to the photographers. The software has not been released yet but it will hit the market soon. Arsenal automatically adjusts the speed of the shutter, aperture and ISO, for the camera, serving as an assistant.


AI integration is taking over almost every field including the field of arts and with the constant innovations in the technology; the integration can do wonders in future. There are plenty of software and tools to be in the process of development that will completely change the way art is produced.


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