IBM Watson; a true competitor for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

March 24, 2018

Having a smart home assisted by Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa is a cool way to live, but what’s even cooler is having IBM introduce their rival with a lot of newer and better features. The AI is called “Watson” and is much more intelligent the latter two.

To those who follow the technology news, Watson’s name is not new. Watson, the same supercomputer that won Jeopardy, has been involved in dress designing with Marchesa and has evaluated US open too. It will now also assist our household chores.

Not only the homes but it will be able to manage a lot of things in your car, office or even at a restaurant. This means that the time isn’t far when Watson will be seen performing a lot of actions almost everywhere around us.

The differentiator

The major modification that separates Watson from any other assistant is that it does not require any specific set of instructions to carry out any command. It depends totally on the user what he wants to specify for a certain set of instructions. Moreover, every application will record and save the data separately so that it cannot be shared by the companies.

Already in use by Munich Airport and BMW

Watson, the AI assistant is already being utilized at Munich Airport where a robot supported by Watson guides the visitors. Additionally, BMW is also using the technology as an in-car assistant.

Watson does not have a physical presence but it is powered by Cloud, which makes it a lot more accessible and reliable. These features are specifically done upon customer requests which were noticed through their constant feedback after using Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

A bilingual Assistant

Another outstanding feature of Watson is that it already supports 12 languages which are the maximum number amongst all the assistants.

Watson is a lot smarter

When we say that, we speak with proofs. For instance, if used in a hotel, Watson will make every effort to make your stay comfortable, based on your previous stays in the same chain of that hotel. From setting the temperature to adjusting your preference of lights, Watson will manage it all. Moreover, it will also make recommendations about your food and will ensure that they are according to the menu you prefer and does not have anything that can trigger an allergy.


In the era of innovative technology rapidly changing on almost daily basis, Watson is a major step as far as house assistants are considered. It can be a serious rival to Google’s Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and if they are not going to improve their products according to the modern needs, Watson can easily wash them off as it caters to a lot more than its competitors do collectively.


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