HTC to launch latest Vive pro VR headset with built-in headphone

January 17, 2018

Since Augmented Reality has taken over, major tech companies such as HTC is looking to promote and incorporate Virtual Reality. HTC has been doing really good with the VR headset and is ready to launch their high-resolution Vive pro VR headset featuring built-in speakers. HTC is looking to refresh its already trending Vive headsets with the latest pro model.

Vive originally was launched 2 years ago and the latest upgraded model is designed to meet the queries people faced while using the older version of the Vive.

Higher resolutions

The latest model is all set to integrate high resolutions with dual-OLED display screens. It is claimed that the latest model has increased 78% of the graphics and resolutions, compared to the previous ones. High resolutions will enable the user to have a much clear text and this has let the Vive to jump over Oculus Rift in terms of ratings.

Modern style head strap

There is more to come. Apart from integrating high resolution, HTC has incorporated a newly designed head strap and has included a built-in headphone to increase customer attraction and convenience. The company has now overcome one major complaint that the device was very heavy and was very difficult to adjust and plugging in headphones was considered to be a very hectic job. The upgraded version seems to be more convenient and easy to adjust.

Dual Microphones

The company has also incorporated dual microphones and also a dual front-facing camera. According to the design the upgraded version is less clunky than the original headset and adding blue color to the key elements on the front display screen has uplifted the look of the device.

The dual camera at the front is very similar to the figure of an eye and this has led the users to identify a major difference in the design of the headset compared to the original one.


The latest headset is also backward compatible with 1.0 and 2.0Steam VR tracking. HTC has claimed that the existing Vive will probably remain on sale during the year 2018 and will sell the headset standalone to existing customers this session.

Price and release date

According to HTC, they claim that the device will be available soon and has not talked about the pricing of the headset, however, it is to be believed that this device will probably be more costly than the previous ones, as HTC has addressed almost every flaw communicated by the people.


HTC is working in almost every department and is also looking to improve the experience of the viveport app store for the vive users/ Most of the Vive users buy applications and VR games from Steam VR, however, HTC is looking to introduce VR Previews to capture the market of VR content.



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