How User-Generated Content Can Do Your Marketing Job

July 3, 2017

Are you having a tough time raising with engaging content to appease today’s consumers? Are you tired of generating sales opportunities and business conversions? You’re in luck! There is an option for burned out marketers, and that’s user-generated content (UGC).

Undoubtedly, we live in a digitally mobile and social world, where consumers are in control of their own digital story. If your consumers are in the content generating place, it will help you to not only grow your content but also strengthen customer relationships and improve SEO. What you get? Maximized conversions and high sales opportunities.

User Generated Content (UGC) engages people with a brand and generate products and service endorsements. As today, things like Facebook post, Instagram photos, and Snapchat videos that contain your product, serves dual purposes: it is an efficient word-of-mouth and of course, Brand Marketing!

So Today, I am going to quickly talk about how you can use “user-generated content” (UGC) to achieve your marketing goals.

Why UGC is Success-driven (and why you shouldn’t avoid it)

Customer-centered businesses are on the rise, due to the fact brands constantly have to move with the changing trends of their customers. In this face-paced, digital world, people are inclined to their own content, which allows successful companies to drive strategies that involve users’ participation, and their willingness to provide reviews the products and services.

People don’t agree with Marketers

Which brings me directly to my next point. In reality, we’ve been buying into UGC content for decades, but now media platforms make it more accessible across the globe. In reality, when you realize that a massive 83% internet users are much more likely to consider a suggestion from another user over a branded content, it’s clearly visible how far the trust between consumers and companies has stretched.

To exhibit them

Unarguably, People love exhibiting themselves, and UGC allows online users to experience it, by allowing them to speak up and share their personal values and opinions with others. As we know about, online customers can write and share their experiences with products. However, they don’t gain anything by doing so. The purpose of sharing is to connect with other consumers who are likely to experience the same products.

To get rewards

It’s not always about humanity, online consumers frequently create content because they gain something out of it, such as rewards that businesses provide. Moreover, the consumer creates content based on the expectations of the business offering the benefits.

A great example is Ford Motors’ Ford Fiesta marketing campaign. They provided a brand new Fiesta to 91 industry bloggers. In return of that, the internet users/bloggers shared their experiences participating in weekly challenges, set by the company.

The whole strategy obtained 7.3 million YouTube views, 980,000 Flickr views, 50 million Twitter impressions and to 77,000 pre-release orders of the Fiesta.

Why Companies want people-generated content

Without a doubt, this technique has gotten importance beyond the limit, providing a number of benefits for brands – the most apparent of that is the user-generated content itself.

If your business is constrained financially, the UGC techniques will help you to develop new content on a daily basis at close to no cost.

However, there are numerous extra reasons to consider including a UGC element to your brand that Include:

Increased consumer understanding: As discussed, UGC helps you understand what products your audience is searching out and what issues they run as they progress through their consumer experience.

More website engagement: what every another business person wants is more website engagement Today! Therefore, UGC provides a platform to develop and enhance your relationship with prospective consumers as they interact on your site.

Boosted customer satisfaction: the biggest concern for any brand is the Customer Satisfaction, UGC allows companies to answer their customers’ queries online, leading to trust building and increasing the likelihood of conversion of prospective customers into long-term loyal customers.

To build stronger community: what creates wonders is when you create open forums and community message board. It provides a home-like place, where consumers take in hand the responsibility, and support open discussion about anything that is related to your brand.

Long on-site time: We all look for longer consumer engagement on websites, having said that, UGC create opportunities for consumers to express their feelings for the products. Therefore, it increases the amount of time they spend inside a branded environment.

SEO benefit: Like it is said, better content means better brand visibility. UGC target key expressions and ideas that are important to your brand.

Increased social SEO signs: In view that UGC frequently speaks directly to social audiences, it’s the suitable supplement to any social SEO marketing campaign.

Result-driven content: No doubt, the majority of consumers trust online reviews as they believe it to be true. So by simply providing a reviews section, companies can literally increase the likelihood of online consumers’ trust to their products.

Stand up and get started with UGC

As a digital marketing guru, I summed up all the facts that will help you to develop stronger organic search and strengthen your long-term relationships with consumers.

Setting up UGC technique is easy and affordable. It allows you to create a rotating door of fresh content on your website. So without getting further late, get going by sponsoring a contest, or add a discussion portal to your website, and ask challenging questions to your consumers.

I came across INGIC, as a marketer, I suggest to prefer these professionals. They will bring you opportunities where you need not create content, rather you create opportunities for content creation – inspiring experiences or moments. And they will create higher possibilities for conversion – live groups of digital-savvy warriors, engaging with your brand from all corners of the globe.


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