How mobile app marketing is an expenditure yet a profitable prospect for organizations

April 14, 2017

Marketing has evolved over the past decade where new methodologies are being used to appeal to a broader audience. Among the new marketing concepts, mobile app marketing has gained significant momentum. Advertisers now consider mobile app marketing to be an integral constituent of the marketing plan.

Since a substantial increase has been observed in Android and iOS users, the platform provides a lucrative opportunity for businesses to thrive. Organizations that do not invest in the mobile market lose a potential target audience, effecting their overall growth.

Today, many advocates of traditional marketing consider mobile app marketing to be a futile investment since the costs associated with it are relatively high. However, this is not the case since strategic mobile app marketing can improve profitability and garner profound results.

If you are not sure how mobile app marketing can be a profitable prospect for your organization, read how it can make an impact:

  1. Accessibility: With strategic mobile app marketing, your brand/business will be visible to customers at all times. According to a recent study, it is believed that an average individual spends almost two hours a day using smartphones. Therefore, if your business app is installed on their smartphones being visible could be beneficial as a human mind records and remembers visuals better than text.
  2. Appeals to consumer sensibility: You can provide added value to the customers through your mobile application. How? Digitalize your loyalty program by allowing users to earn points and rewards through your mobile application. This results in more downloads of your application and increase in the number of returning customers.
  3. Create your brand identity: You can utilize your mobile application to not only generate brand awareness, but set up and develop brand identity and recognition. Come up with an idea of an application that will fulfill customers’ needs. A beautifully designed mobile app which a customer would love can become a profitable prospect for your organization.


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