Honda introduces a bot which is more than cute.

November 9, 2017

At the Tokyo motor show this year the most adorable vehicle debuted was Honda’s self-driven cooler. Yes, it is a smart cooler that follows you around with its cutest eyes ever. Honda states that it is a Communication Robot of the future. The best part is that it is more than a just a cooler. The three-wheeler is just a concept at this point but it is open to innovation and Honda hopes that it could be a personal digital assistant at some point.

The cutest device

It is beyond doubt the most adorable device ever made. It would be a pleasure to be just followed by the device. Its big LED lights at the front in the form of its eyes are fascinating. RoboCas is white and a three-wheeler. It can turn into a cart to carry things around as well.

More than a cooler

It features a built-in canopy, a cooler and even a seat. You can also ride it. It follows you with your chilled drinks. The internal storage space of RoboCas is fully customizable and can be used for whatever you’d like to store.

Honda has delivered the idea of RoboCas to be a portable café as well. Set the cart anywhere and have a cafe, an ice cream shop or just a bar. It is such an awesome concept and extremely practical. It engages every age group. The sides of the cooler can be drawing board too and graphics can also be put up if you want to set up an outdoor café. This makes it impeccable to use as a rolling, autonomous billboard for your shop at a park, or even a fun way to advertise about an upcoming event.

As Honda states that RoboCas can be a possible personal assistant in future and it has all the potential to be so. It would be fun to have your personal assistant follow you around. It can carry your stuff, serve you chilled drinks whenever you need them and even be a power supply device for your equipment.


Roboacs is eventually a revolutionary concept in the world of bots, but it is not confirmed yet that when it will be available in the market. Honda has not announced any release date or price but we surely hope that it is sometime soon. To have such a cute device on your side would definitely be an amazing feeling.






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