Is Your Home Smart Enough?

October 21, 2017

Wouldn’t it be a lot convenient, if we could monitor everything at home at times when we are not there? As we literally live on smart devices like phones and computers, now everything can be included in this list; clocks, speakers, lights, doorbells, cameras, windows, window blinds, hot water heaters, appliances, cooking utensils and what not?

An entirely automated home is exactly what it sounds like; every device present in your home can not only be monitored, but controlled from various apps on any of your iOS or Android device. You can choose your preferred devices for an inexpensive intelligent abode, or opt for an entire smart home system that does all the work for you.

Having said, in this blog, we’ll present you with a variation of smart home devices, assisting you to live a more convenient life and upkeep your house even when you are away.

Security Camera

Surveillance of a home is probably the first facility anyone would want to have. Home surveillance cameras are the most effective tools in that domain. A number of systems and models are available in the market like Dropcam that not only keeps an eye, but alerts for any movement in the surroundings.

However, other inexpensive options are also available, like a simple webcam connected to an old phone or a tablet. An only disadvantage is, if for any reason the phone or tablet stops working, you will lose the access.

If you want to go with the finest and the latest device, Nest Cam IQ is the best option. It’s expensive but offers a diversity in features like crystal clear image, zooming in on any sort of activity within its view, facial recognition along with a built-in speaker and mic. This actually gives you the liberty of talking to your family at home through a camera.

Tons of pros, only one but a major con is a risk of a security breach through your internet connection. Having said, installing a smart surveillance camera does put your online privacy at risk.

Motion Sensor

If you are not in a mood of constant surveillance and stalking what’s happening at home, motion sensor devices can prove to be the most reliable option for you. Sensors like Samsung Smart Thing Motion Sensor are not only affordable but also much efficient.

The only drawback is that any kind of movement can trigger the device hence increasing the risk of false alarms.

Smart Lightbulbs

Do you just want to give an illusion of being at home when you are not? Smart Bulbs can be the best way to do it. Controlled through an app on your phone or any other smart device, you can not only turn them on or off on your convenience but they can also be timed.

Obtainable in different shapes, prices, sizes, and colors, smart bulbs like BeON Home smart LED light bulbs are equipped to learn your pattern and mimic it in your absence. These are smart enough to turn on when the doorbell rings.

Smart Blinds

Do you want to give an impression of a person being at home when he actually isn’t? An affordable yet easy way is to install Automated Smart Blinds. To make it more cost-effective you can only install them on the roadside windows. Time them to open a little bit during the day and close at night making it impossible to eavesdrop inside.

Smart Valves

Leakages can happen anywhere anytime. Smart valves cannot only warn about a leakage but turn off water supply, preventing flooding. Some devices have sensors to detect a probable leakage and switch off the water supply beforehand.

Smart Smoke Detectors

A very common device nowadays indeed, Smart Smoke detectors can sense the dangerous Carbon Monoxide in the air, indicating it on your Smart device.

Smoke detectors like Nets Protect if paired with other prevention devices can actually prevent an accident. They will not only send a signal to turn off heating when a leakage or smoke is detected but can point out an exact threatened room or location.

The Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm also offers some valuable features. If connected to other smart devices, it can turn on all the lights in your home when the alarm goes off. Its battery has a lifespan of 10 years, ridding you from worries.

Smart Lock

Smart Locks provide a feature of locking the doors with a remote control. The devices like Lockitron Door Lock also allow you to let any nearby person help when you are not present.

All-in-One Security Devices and Hubs

Opting to install different devices can be switched to having All in One Security Hubs. They can be more effective as well easy on the pocket. The challenge is to choose the right kind of Hub for your home.

The available options include the Canary Home Security System, featuring the security camera, siren, and an air monitor in one. The elementary system will send you HD video and audio alerts straight to your phone. In addition, you can purchase kits with additional cameras and sensors.

Another choice is the Piper Home Security system that comes with a camera, siren, motion, and sound detector, featuring a two-way audio system.


Smart Home Devices with various options, affordable price plans, and secure features, are the best options to keep your home secure at all times. However, an only factor to consider is to choose wisely. Keep some aspects in mind, like pricing quality and the reputation of the manufacturing company to avail the most of the security benefits.


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