Google to predict flight details through machine learning

February 13, 2018

Google has recently updated their flight app and it seems like they are looking to favor all the travelers across the globe. Google has integrated new features into their flight app helping travelers across the globe to track down delayed flights.

The tech giant has incorporated machine learning to predict and status of their flights and notify the users regarding flight delays. The new feature will also include the description of the amenities and what the flight has to offer in different classes, categorized by the airline itself.

Predicting flight delays

One of the most astounding feature to be included in the flight app is that now it will be able to predict flight delays. According to a blog posted by Google itself, the app will go through all the historical data of flight delays to demonstrate common flight patterns and will include factors such as aircraft landing late, weather condition and the location.

Once the algorithm is almost 80 percent sure regarding the flight status, the information will strike in the search results when you track the flight by putting in flight details such as flight number, airline and route. However, Google itself states that these predictions might not be 100 percent true, which definitely spoils the idea of integrating such features but it can surely give you a clear idea regarding the status of your flight.

Identifying amenities of flight

The second most important feature that the latest update has to offer is that it will identify the difference of service rendered to the customers in relation with the classes they offer. This feature is surely a reflection of the airline industry and identifies the number of services perks adding up or get minus with the type of class a customer has chosen to fly over the world from one place to another.

One major aspect of introducing this feature is to aware the travelers regarding the actual feature of the flight, we are already aware of how artfully the airline industry disguise the nature of the flight and to overcome this, Google has integrated this feature notifies the people regarding an actual offer. Google has rendered their services to companies like Delta Airlines, American Airlines and United Airlines, to tell their customers regarding what is included and what is excluded from the different classes.


Tracking flight status and the features of the various classes seems to be fun but for a specific audience, it is more of a necessity. Integrating such features will enable the world to operate on a whole new level. However, Google should make sure that they provide 100% authentic services to make sure that the users are not misguided.


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