Google Launches three new photo apps for iOS and Android users

December 23, 2017

If you are a type of person who can’t resist the desire to record every silly, interesting and precious moment of your life whenever they arise then there’s a good news for you. For iOS and Android, Google is launching its new three experimental apps, named Storyboard, Selfissimo, and Scrubbies. They are all free, all original and all worth trying. The storyboard will come just to Android, while Scrubbies is an iOS exclusive. On the other hand, Selfissimo will be released on both platforms.

These apps are built on experimental machinery (a bit like Motion still, the iOS app which changes Apple’s live photos into collectively shareable gifs)

Over the years, Smartphone camera has improved enormously, at a point where they are good enough for most of the situation. What makes the smartphone photography come to life is its apps, as it can make it extremely exciting and fun.

Googles new smartphone photography apps

1.      Storyboard

This app is only for Android users. The app will select a number of frames to lay out as a single-page comic when you shoot a video on your phone and load it to storyboard. You can then either save the comic or make it produce a new one. You will be able to refresh the app when you get new layouts and frames.

2.      Selfissimo

This app is available for both iOS and Android users and is the simplest app out of this Appsperiment’s wave.  This app is for selfie obsessed people. A simple tap on the screen will start recording. Selfissimo will snap a picture every time you pose. You have black and white photographs to save or share on social media or anywhere you want. This means that you can focus on different angles, letting the app do all the hard work.

3.      Scrubbies

This app is an iPhone exclusive app, it allows you to use your fingers to scroll through a video’s timeline, DJ’s style, and to record the moment. Simply shoot a video in the app, and you can easily manipulate the speed and the direction to capture the key moments.


None of these apps will completely change the usage, but it will create a little fun in your life. Though all these apps are experimental for now, but they are available for iOS and Android. According to Google Researcher Alex Kauffmann ‘trust on object acknowledgment, individual segmentation, effective image encoding and decoding techniques to work properly. Google labels these as the first wave of appsperiment. It means that we will be seeing more of these mini-experimental apps.


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