Google Duplex, a huge leap in the world of AI

July 10, 2018

Artificial Intelligence is growing at a fast pace and taking over a lot of tasks in our daily lives. With the announcement of Google, Duplex AI has entered a new phase. A few years ago we thought that robots will take at least a few hundred years to take over, but these advancements are proving that it is going to happen a lot quicker than we all are anticipating. Although it is a great step towards the evolution it has also raised plenty of concerns, the biggest one is safety and privacy of the owner and will it take over the human resource especially at call centers?

What is Google Duplex?

Google Duplex is a human-sounding robot that is able to talk just like human beings with non-word expressions like uh um etc. It can make reservations with hotels and restaurants or with a salon. While being tested it sounds exactly like a human.

Why was it necessary?

Google has a stance that earlier virtual assistants were not able to adjust to the humans but the human had to adjust with them while conversing. Google Duplex rectifies this limitation and is actually more responsive and adjusts to the person it is talking so that a more natural conversation can take place.

The usage

The main purpose of Google Duplex is to handle some simple but important tasks to ease the busy schedule of the user. It can book a table at a restaurant, make an appointment at a salon. All you have to do is to just ask that you want to have dinner at the partnering restaurant and Duplex will make the reservation and will inform you about it.

Will it take over the resource at call centers?

A big concern rose when an insurance company was rumoured to test Google Duplex at their call center. It was considered a threat to the human workforce in the call center business. However, Google has denied these rumours and has cleared that these virtual assistants are being developed to assist human not to take over their jobs.

Security concerns

Some security concerns are being raised as Duplex will be calling places on your behalf, how much information it is required as is allowed to give. Google has been quite sceptical about it, as while testing, when asked about the email address Duplex, said that it is not authorized to give out that. Moreover, as it sounds just like a real human, it informs the person in the conversation that is a virtual assistant and the call will be recorded, upon showing concerns about the recorded call by the person, Duplex disconnected it saying that another call will be made without the recording being done.

Duplex is also smart enough to forward the call towards a human operator when it feels that it is not able to complete the call. Though, according to the Google spokesperson, four out of five calls can be handled by Duplex quite efficiently.


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