Digital Surgery launches an AI system to help surgeons in the operating room

July 18, 2018

Digital surgery is a London based start-up which develops tech devices for the health sector. Founded by surgeons for the assistance of other surgeons by deploying the latest technology, Digital Surgery believes in providing safe and cutting-edge surgical care to all. It aims to establish the future of surgery by creating a digital eco-system that fills the gap between surgical expertise and technology. The company has recently launched the world’s first dynamic AI system designed to assist surgeons in the operating room.

The tool is specifically developed to help the surgeon during complex procedures. The health sector has shown immense interest in deploying robots and other AI devices and this would be a major breakthrough. Well-funded hospitals throughout the US have at least one surgical robot working efficiently and saving lives.

How does it work?

The platform is designed to predict the next steps that should be taken in an ongoing surgery. It is equipped with cameras and computer vision to identify what is about to happen during the surgical procedure with the help of a built-in library of surgical guides. Based on the knowledge acquired it predicts the next steps. The surgical team performing the surgery acquires detailed analysis via audio and visual signals which they control with a cord-free foot pedal.

This system gets help from the database provided by the company’s first product Touch Surgery. It comprises the information processed by more than 150 surgical procedures. Touch Surgery is a reference manual for surgeons that can be downloaded on a mobile phone or a tablet and has been integrated into 160 residency programs and is in use of more than 2 million surgeons worldwide.

The aim of the platform is to make the physicians familiar with the surgical processes and equipment. Every virtual surgery has been carefully put together, animated and rendered by a highly professional team. The platform is completely interactive assisting the surgeons and trainees to stitch, cut, implant and perform various tasks with the help of a pop-up guide to help them.

The system is a result of a partnership between Digital Surgery and University College London Hospitals and the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. It has already been in many operating rooms and has assisted the surgeon while performing the bariatric procedure

The company also aims to provide affordable but state of the art AI medical equipment to almost 50 billion people all over the globe. They focus on delivering the medical technology solution that is accessible to the masses.


AI has revolutionized almost every sector but has made incredible amendments in the health sector. The hospitals that can afford have deployed at least one surgical robot that is assisting surgeons during many complex procedures worldwide. Digital surgery, a platform developed to assist surgeons, has launched quite a few devices for the convenience of surgeons and now they have introduced an AI supported system to assist the surgeons during surgery. The company aims to provide affordable surgical tech devices to 50billion people all over the globe.


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