Create a new look for your website with these 2019 design trends

November 20, 2018

The New Year may call for many new beginnings and might be the best time to give your brand a new look or revamp your website. The benefits are unlimited but only with the right approach. The updating of your website will be of no use if it is not in compliance with user expectations and their changing behaviours towards the website usage or general internet browsing.

Here are a few key factors to keep in mind before opting for a revamp that could enhance the effect of the website’s new outlook.

Offer a Personalized User experience

Undoubtedly the most important factor and trend. The users are extremely well aware and the amount of time they are spending on the internet has given them immense exposure. A website should provide the users with a personalized experience according to age, gender and preferences to increase the revenues. It is important to give the users a feel of importance to enable them to select your products or services.

Introduce Voice User interface

The year 2018 gave a massive hype to voice controls especially with the latest tech involved in the form of smart home devices. Although quite a new technology it is growing at a rapid speed. The technology is providing immense mobility and convenience.

Ensure Practicality

The website should be easy to load and less time-consuming. Now, most of the browsing is done on mobile phones the practicality and the quick response rate is a must.

Utilize Augmented Reality

Inducing AR into your website design is the latest trend. Although more popular in mobile games, it is being used now in webs designs as well. The mobile compatibility of the website supports the technology due to the presence of a camera.

Have Animations and Gifs

Interactive websites are in and gifs and interesting animations are a must have. They provide relevant information in a trendy and exciting way.

Induce Artificial Intelligence

Using artificial intelligence in the form of chatbots is also important. They enable the users to interact with your brand without any human interactions thus you can maintain your constant availability.

Create Grid Layouts

Grid layouts are preferred as they provide an organized look to the website and makes it easy to navigate. If you are considering a revamp, getting a grid layout is a brilliant idea as it will totally change the outlook of the website.

Final Words

The above-mentioned trends came this year and are staying in the upcoming one. The interesting part is that these trends will enhance the user experience with increasing the practicality of your website.


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