21 App Icons for showcasing Design Inspiration

April 24, 2017

Stats tell that about 65 percent Smartphone users download apps through app stores. While the ratio is so high, it is so difficult for your app to stand out head and shoulders above the crowd. However, one of the few things that can be tweaked to make your app desirable over other apps include a smartly design app icon.

Some of the key pointers to keep in mind while designing an app icon include the fact that the icon should be scalable, recognizable, consistent and readable. Today we are showcasing 21 app icons to get you started with your own app icon brainstorming.


This one is a fun app by Google. It allows you to create, accessorize and share Android characters that appear like you, your best pal, or your uncle Sal. The app’s icon is a human version of an android, wearing funky clothes. The character quickly connects with the users.

Zoom Cloud Meetings

Zoom is a widely-used video chat app. Its icon tells that the app is related to videos, while keeping the chatting part vague. We aren’t sure what exactly was the intention of the designer or the man behind this icon’s idea, but the icon looks just right.

 Earth Primer

Earth Primer is an online education app. While Earth Primer’s app icon looks vague, if you keep its app name in mind while looking at it, you will immediately know that you are seeing different layers of the earth’s core. Though the design is basic, it gets the apps idea across and that puts the seal of success on the design.

LastPass Authenticator

LastPass is one of the most utilized password managers in the app market. The icon is made using dots, representing the hidden password characters, a cursor sign and a shield. The primary color used in the icon is red, which represents the secrecy of the password. Amazing, right!


Every single person who has interest in learning foreign languages loves Duolingo. The icon uses image of an owl, which is always considered as an intelligent bird. The owl’s eyes focus on you and grab your attention right at the moment you look at it.

 Runaway Toad

No, this is not a movie about a prince becoming a toad and then turning back in to a human after the princess kisses him. It’s an addicting Smartphone game with an attractive app icon. Complete justice has been done with the app’s icon.

 A Good Snowman is Hard to Build

This is a puzzle game and its app icon tells you something is vague right from the moment you look at it. The abstract mascot has no personality which makes it perfect for a game like this. Sometimes less is more!


Assembly’s icon design is made very creatively. There are similar shapes made and used in different layers to create a kingfisher. Amazingly done, isn’t’ it!

Rocket Browser

Rocket Browser’s name implies that it gives a fast browsing experience. While the idea behind Rocket Browser was that the product will provide fast browsing, it was extremely important that its app icon also depicted the same. The designer of Rocket Browser app icon didn’t disappoint. The design is neither too simple nor too complicated and gets the message across.


InBrowser is for those users who want to stay dark in the cyber world and never leave any traces of what activities they performed. Just look at the In browser app icon and you will instantly know what the app does. That’s exactly what you need in your own app icon or logo.


This one is a productivity app with an interesting icon. You’d notice that most of the apps in the same category have check marks. Doo, however, is different and shows a flag on top of a mountain depicting your future.

Launch Center Pro

This app is basically a speed dialer for apps in your phone. The simple design with a rocket at the front gives you the idea that the app is about making your activities faster, and that’s all what was required from the design. The rocket also looks like a shark, which we aren’t sure was intentional or unintentional.

Ali Express

One of the leading shopping platforms in the digital world, AliExpress has a simple yet impactful app icon. You can see a bag with the brand’s name on it. It is simple, pleasant to the eyes and has nothing vague at all.


This puzzle game icon is also simple and pleasant to the eyes. The icon is such that you don’t have to look hard in the icons folder when you have to play the game. This is what successful designs are all about.


This one is also a puzzle game and with a minimalistic app icon as well. The stark black icon with white bars in one quadrant makes this app icon different. Certainly a winner design.


If you like planting, you will love prune. This game is about growing plants while avoiding hostile conditions. Prune’s app icon shows the basic concept of the game but has a big red dot on the top, which quickly grabs your attention.


This one is a game for kids. The game’s icon makes you think did a 3 year old draw this thing! That’s the idea behind it – kids should feel they are about to use an app that is made for them. The friendly monster and colored strips are all that were needed to create a brilliant app icon.


The purpose of KeepSnap is to provide users the opportunity to take snaps and make money. The app’s icon has the combination of a wallet with a shutter of a lens. This gives you a clear idea of what the app does. The icon is not too attractive but surely is unique and creative.


UaRoads help users with routes and driving surfaces. The app shows real-time conditions, which is why a lot of users trust on it. The app icon is creatively designed by showing Wi-Fi signals in the sky, on top of a road.


Mindfit app gives users the power to be more mindful and positive so that they can combat stress in the best way. The app icon has a simple design with minimalistic design shapes yet shows a person’s head, a bulb and ideas inside it. Very creative.

 My Budget Book

This app is all about keeping expenses in the easiest manner. You can use the app to balance your budget. There are total two colors used along with their gradient to create this icon. There are coins and a wallet showing what the app is all about.


By looking at each of these app icon examples, you can understand how much importance an icon holds. App stores are flooding with apps and an icon is one of the only things that give your app an edge over other similar apps. So, be sure to hire the best graphics designer for this task!


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