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Apple has finally launched iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max


Best voice typing software to increase the productivity in lesser time

Best voice typing software to increase the product..

Today, devices are carrying out various functions through voice comman...

Baidu soon to launch its self-driven busses in Chi..

Baidu, the Chinese tech giant is all set to launch its first self-driv...

Oculus Go, an inexpensive option in VR headsets..

Oculus go has changed the way VR headsets were used by being a standal...

Facebook Container – Solutions to Your Facebooks..

Long gone are times when stalking was limited only to the celebrities;...

Top 3 IoT App Trends to Look Out For In 2018..

Curious to know what IoT is packed with for the year 2018? Well, by co...

Amazon to launch delivery service to compete again..

One of the world’s leading e-commerce industry is looking to diversi...

Chatbot marketing; a very important phenomena..

Since Mark Zuckerberg has announced major changes in the news feed of ...

Artificial intelligence to fight against workplace..

Workplace harassment has been one of the most controversial and mainst...

Self-Driving vehicles to put a dent in the insuran..

As we all know that automobile industry is pairing up with major tech ...

Major Virtual Reality updates- CES 2018..

After the success of CES 2018, we can clearly see how Virtual Reality ...

Star wars to feature VR in their upcoming game!..

Virtual Reality is finally ready for its prime time. The trilogy of st...

Affectiva CEO: AI needs emotional intelligence to ..

From a digital personal assistant (SIRI) to autonomous cars, it’s al...

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