Autonomous Vehicle – The Ultimate Global Revolution

July 18, 2017

2020 once seemed to be unrealistic for the development of the Autonomous vehicle. Any rational thinker would laugh upon hearing about autonomous cars driving on the roads of the United States, three years from now. However, that is not the case anymore.

2020 is just around the corner! The world will soon be witnessing self-driving vehicles on the roads. The technology is putting immense exertion to make sure we expose ourselves to the ultimate revolution of the 20th century.

Google and Tesla Making a Drift

Companies like Google and Tesla have been working on this project for a long time, and they are on the verge of launching their self-driving vehicles. Their primary focus is to reduce the number of traffic on the roads through self-driving cars. Tesla has met its deadline, introduced model 3 car that offers maximum autonomous hardware and components.

General Motors and Volvo Accelerating!

General Motors has recently collaborated with one of the greatest tech company Lyft and announced an autonomous car called Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicle. The collaboration of two giants has given way to test the vehicle with humans.

In addition, Volvo has joined the collaboration, looking forward to meet the deadlines by 2020. They are working on detecting obstacles and safety aspects such as wild animals on the roads.

China to Clean Sweep

Two of the biggest companies in China Baidu and Apollo have formed an alliance to come up with a fascinating autonomous car. In addition, by their research and efforts, it is obvious that they are seeking to acquire prime positions in the autonomous automobile industry. With this, we can expect something big is on its way!

London in the League of Autonomous Vehicles

The land of the queen is making its way to the league of autonomous vehicles. In London, Autonomous vehicles are near to the day when they will be on the roads, and the Britons will be witnessing self-driving delivery vans. However, autonomous vehicles in London will be initially launched for delivery purposes only.

Counting on the Autonomous Cars

Keeping in mind all of the references from across the globe, we can hereby affirm that autonomous vehicles will be making their way to our lives soon. Not to forget, you can finally sigh a relief off bathed breath, as autonomous vehicles will free you from hectic traffic jams. But, not to forget, a concerning aspect indicates autonomous vehicles will dramatically drop employment rate of chauffeurs, drivers and related roles.


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