Augmented Reality Taking the World by Storm

June 23, 2018

In the mid of 2016, when Pokemon Go was released, Augmented Reality became a household name. It not only changed the course of action how video games were played but made it more physical. The idea of sitting in front of the TV and playing while looking at the screen constantly got a paradigm shift. It was a treat for gamers and still is popular among all age groups. The record downloading of more than 500 in a month drastically changed the gaming world and took the addiction to a whole new level.

It was a mixture of AR and VR and made it clear that this technology was here to stay with a lot of potential to conquer not only gaming world but almost every industry.

Next came Snapchat filters that let you accessorise your face. These filters also gained immediate popularity.

AR is taking over almost every industry and changing the way we perceive reality. Here are a few ways it is affecting our daily lives.

Interior decoration

IKEA introduced its app that enables the buyers to visualize the furniture they are thinking to buy for a specific room or corner of their home. This took app took the online buying experience to whole new level, making the decision of purchase a lot convenient.

Contextual information

Another breakthrough with the help of AR was a significant upgrade in the tourism. While traveling or even visiting an area for the first time in your city all you need to do is to point your camera towards a specific building or place and the complete information of that place will appear on your screen. It is time-saving and lessens the anxiety of being at a new place, as you become aware to your surroundings. It is much easier to find a hospital or restaurant with the comprehensive information of what they have to offer.


Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, has utilized AR for providing detailed information about the plants and rocks present in their Earth Science Garden. The technology used is one of the most sophisticated ones. While walking through the garden this app gives information through space and time going back to Millions of years.


Another useful app, especially for travelers with the collaboration of Google and AR technology, is that you can know any word written anywhere in your own language. This app is of great help especially to tourists as it makes to know a signboard or a dish mentioned in the menu a lot easier. All one has to do is to simply point the camera towards the word and it will appear in your native language on your mobile screen.


These are just a few examples of how AR is shifting the way we look at things and there’s definitely a lot more to come. The day is not far when AR will bring all our far-fetched imaginations to life.



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