Is Artificial intelligence a threat to our jobs?

August 10, 2018

The debate about AI taking over jobs is not new, the technology has arrived in full swing and has shown the potential of taking over a lot of daily life chores. Machine learning, automation and deep learning have become a part of lives quite smoothly. Since the beginning, the concept has prevailed that artificial intelligence will apparently replace the human workforce. Although this concept has always faced a lot of opposition, still the idea has somehow prevailed.

AI will not lessen the jobs

According to experts Ai will not completely wipe out the jobs but will support them and even create more. A study conducted recently concluded that there are still plenty of jobs that human beings are capable of doing better than AI. The jobs included the portrayals of 964 employment in the US and each job had a list of approximately 20 to 32 tasks, with a sum total of more than 18,000 tasks.

The research team took this data and examined each skill set to observe the tasks that were conducted better, by AI and which could be done better by humans. A lot of tasks were carried brilliantly by AI but there were still jobs in which humans took over AI and machine learning.

It has been predicted that by 2020 AI will automate most of the businesses, on the other hand, it is supposed to produce more jobs. Additionally, AI will also support human beings to perform better at their jobs, in fact, it will improvise those jobs.

Human workforce needs to be equipped better

Hence AI is going to change the way a lot of jobs are being done, the current requirement is that human workforce should be trained to work simultaneously with the machines or robots. AI is ideal to assist human beings especially in the tasks where physical labour is concerned, however, the human workforce needs proper training in how to work and take the maximized advantage of machine labour.

There is still a risk factor

Though the AI supporting human beings is a more believable concept, there is still a risk factor involved especially where personal data is involved. A lot of technology was not able to deliver 100% outcomes as anticipated and the same could be the case with AI. After all, it is a machine and chances of malfunctioning sustain.

Businesses adopting AI need to analyse how much they want to invest in and depend on the technology. They need to develop a clear strategy for allowing the technology to take over without the fear of displacement of jobs and ethics.


Since the inception, it has been feared that a day will come when AI will take over the world causing mass displacement of jobs leaving most of us unemployed. The concept has constantly been negated and the facts and figures prove that AI will support human workforce rather than take away their jobs, however, clear strategies and planning need to be done by the businesses to protect the employment ratio and ethical concerns attached with the technology.


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