Artificial Intelligence -Helping you reach your Target Audience

October 16, 2017

The toughest job for a brand is not to streamline its production process but to handle all the external affairs and reach its maximum targeted audience. The entire advertising industry has spent millions and billions of dollars in finding the right targeted audience but since technology has taken over almost every industry, things have become economical and easy.

Subsequently, now artificial intelligence is used in almost every industry to perform critical decision-making task and now the tech and advertising industry have collided together to extract the right targeted audience for the brand.  As a digital marketing analyst and an expert in the technology sector, I have seen how AI can help several brands reach its full target audience.

Targeting which goes beyond age and location

Getting a deeper insight about your customers is a tough job though and to extract the actual motives and interest of people were never to be found since the marketers used artificial intelligence. In past, when technology took over the advertising industry, there were certain limitations which every agency and marketer had to face. But not anymore.

Artificial intelligence has surely redefined the face of all the advertising agencies by giving accurate data volume. This has been the key to reshaping the marketing world and allowing different and numerous brands to reach its target audience without any hassle.

Extracting info from social media

Artificial intelligence is a great help in extracting a wide amount of information from different online forums and one of them is social media. Advertisers now allot unique individuals to the final consumers based on how they communicate on social media. The audience profiling platforms extract textual data from social media posts and test it through an AI engine to group personalities based on speech.

What is audience profiling?

Audience profiling extracts important information such as the type of content a specific customer respond to when they mostly interact with social media and the most important thing, why do they respond to such content.

The time is over when we used to segment audience based on demographics and geography. The time has come when segmentation is based upon personalities and demonstrated the behavior.


The basic concept of marketing is still the same. It is important to identify the needs and behavior patterns of the customers before exposing them to your product or service, however, the steps to reach your target audience with maximum potential has changed. Since Social media and artificial intelligence took the world, all the concepts have evolved and have shifted towards the rise of the tech world.

As a digital marketing expert, I believe that artificial intelligence is playing a pivotal role to identify the target audience to its maximum potential. I personally believe that if all the companies adapt to the concept of the digital world, things will be quite different.


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