Artificial intelligence to fight against workplace harassment

February 17, 2018

Workplace harassment has been one of the most controversial and mainstream topics for ages. Multinationals across the globe try to maintain a decorum and overcome this practice, however, unfortunately, it never stops. Sexual Harassment is everywhere, be it a normal workplace or a factory, it can happen to anyone regardless of their color, creed, and class.

Since sexual harassment has gone online, things have gone out of control. The concept of sexual harassment is nothing new to the world but since social media and technology has taken over, one of the major drawbacks the world has witnessed is the rise in the pornography business and workplace harassment. However, there is always a cure for everything and Artificial Intelligence is considered the best possible solution to overcome workplace harassment.

Technology will rescue the world

Since technology has taken over, we have witnessed both pros and cons. looking at the brighter side of the technology, it offers numerous solutions to people across the globe. There are multiple organizations who are looking to battle up against workplace harassment by integrating Artificial Intelligence.

The Artificial Intelligence utilizes natural language to scan the online conversation and provide the users a proper understanding regarding the laws defined by the criminal code of either USA or Canada. The software act as a legal consultant which further helps the victim of workplace harassment and indicate whether the incident has broken any law or not.

AI to intervene in real life

Artificial Intelligence is not limited to virtual settings only, it has a prominent existence in a real life world. Technologies such as Amazon Alexa is one of the greatest examples of how Artificial Intelligence is integrated into real life world. It has also been observed that Alexa can also identify online harassment. It has the ability to recognize certain words and phrases and can say it out loud.

With how the technology is improving day by day, it is near when digital technologies can help us recognize inappropriate sexual remarks and will be able to assist identifying inappropriate actions.


Artificial Intelligence is the strongest contender while talking about how technology will take over the world completely. Integrating Artificial Intelligence to eliminate the impact of high workplace harassment is a very good idea.

There are many companies across the globe that have integrated Artificial Intelligence into their workplace in order to eliminate harassment and are looking to improve the working environment and existing standards.


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