Apple to Introduce IR-Based Face Recognition and Homepod

September 11, 2017

The release of the latest Apple handheld iPhone 8 is just around the corner and with some distinct features, which are not different from the android world, Apple’s iPhone 8 is creating a massive buzz around. The month of September is already here and believe me all the Apple fanatics are keeping a cap on their wallet to save, wait in the long ques and grab what Apple is releasing this weekend.

Apple has highlighted its name for satisfying customers to fullest with their flagship iPhone family. Not only this, be it their smart watch, iPad, Mac or any device, they have set themselves apart from various cellular giants. However, this time, fans are expecting from Apple to introduce something unique than android phones other than their user-friendly operating system.

Apple on the track of the arch rivals

It is to be believed that the next generation iPhone will include infrared-based facial recognition that will be used for unlocking a device. With facial recognition, it seems to be that the company is following the tracks of the arch rivals in the contemporary world. Not to mention, Samsung stands as the prime manufacturer to introduce facial identification for the first time in their Samsung Note 7, that flopped later. Afterwards, their flagship and blockbuster hit Samsung S8, inbred this facial recognition feature.

Also, we can’t miss highlighting the fact that Apple had requested Samsung to help them get AMOLED high definition screens installed on their upcoming smartphones, paid them the handsome amount. Not only this, Apple paid to both Samsung and LG to help them include IR-based face recognition that had been already introduced by Samsung and windows, making it clear that Apple possesses heavy threats from competitors and want to stay in the market.

Apple to introduce a breakthrough speaker all around

It is not just smartphones, which they have worked on but now they are all ready to introduce high-quality speakers specifically designed to create a sound that best fits with your mood while resting at home or anywhere. This powerful speaker has amazing sound quality and adapts to wherever it’s being played. You can freely place it anywhere and get immersive listening experience.

Homepod is specially designed combining Apple-engineered advance technology and software to develop highest-fidelity sound throughout your room. This is perhaps the best invention which will rock your mood whenever listening to your favorite music.  The speaker is to be released by the end of the year and people are definitely looking forward to this upcoming apple product.


IR-based facial recognition is something that is not new in the market and companies like Samsung and Microsoft have already introduced this market a year or two back. Keeping in view the dominance of Apple, we can say “once an iPhone user is always an iPhone user”, not because of the latest tweaks but because of it being a luxury brand and a status symbol for everyone. The company really needs to break this ground reality and introduce something that does not exist in the market.

The speakers are unique and catering to the fans’ music craving at a different level, appearing to challenge soon the industry’s pioneers like beats. The option of adapting to the size of the location is something that everyone wants to see, but being an Apple product, it’s pretty obvious that the device will be overpriced.


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