How Android games have revolutionized the concept of gaming

August 2, 2017

Do you think that technology has only changed the business sector of the world? Definitely not! The fast emergence of technology has twisted the gaming sector into a money-making business. Previously the gaming sector was considered as a division to give out entertainment, whereas now with more and more new features this entertainment business is earning huge profits.

What would you recall when you hear the name of video games you’d played in past? A teenager of 90’s would recall his days of playing SEGA, whereas kids of the early 2000s would recall the memories of playing GTA on PlayStation and Xbox, but now the trend is changing dramatically!

Mobile games – A new trend in the market

The world is getting speedier day by day and every individual is always on the go in this fast moving world. This is the point where the gaming industry should improvise and bring in more creativity and innovation.
Developing high definition mobile games is the most innovative thing that I have seen in the most recent times. The gaming industry has capitalized with the advancement of mobile development in the most effective manner. With extra ordinary high graphics games, surely this is the most recent trend that the world is getting adapted to.

The world of cutting-edge mobile games

With more and more games coming up on daily basis, the gaming world is becoming very competitive. Every gaming app company is coming up with striking and interesting games, challenging other gaming consoles. Here is a list of recent top quality games that the world came across in the most recent times:

  • Age of empire; Castle Siege
  • Apoia
  • Balance of world
  • Blocky Castle
  • Card Thief
  • CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars
  • Charming Runes Daily Solitaire: Poker Saga
  • Father and Son
  • Fury Turn
  • Golf zero
  • Griddle Speed Puzzle

These games belong to different categories of the gaming world. Every other game represents its own category very strongly and is an example of how the mobile gaming industry is taking the world by a blizzard.

Trends that matter in the mobile gaming world

Mobile gaming- A separate universe

Mobile gaming has transformed itself into a separate universe of gaming. The only reason why mobile gaming is trending these days is only its convenience. Mobile itself is portable and with the availability of internet everywhere it is very expedient for the user to play games in any environment. With the use of AR the mobile gaming industry is expanding with games like Pokémon GO. Trends do change in the mobile gaming world.

Increasing social interactions

With the most recent games, the world is getting connected. Yes, it’s not only the social media platforms but online multi-player games are also connecting the world. As there is much increase in the social engagement the gaming world is becoming interesting day by day.

Rising of Electronic Sports

Yes, you got me right! Electronic sports is the new rising trend. Speaking about the world of 90’s sports was something where you would find sweat, energy and all the physical strength but now it is something different.  Electronic sport is rising up rapidly just like Ecommerce did in its early stages. Electronic sports games are designed in such a way that it will definitely target the younger generation with its graphics and ambition.

Master the art of game app development

With the increasing trend in the mobile apps gaming industry, it is essential for everyone to associate themselves with a company to bring out innovative ideas. A brand which is so much like with the gaming world will definitely do wonders for the publisher itself. Giving innovative ideas and comprehensive development will allow the publisher to excel in the world of gaming.

Currently, there is one brand which can help every company to develop games of a kind. INGIC! This is not just a company, but a brand which provides innovative solutions to the most complex problems of customers.

INGIC is everywhere!

Being one of the best digital agencies, INGIC provides solutions to different industries. From business to business or business to consumer, INGIC always provides top quality services to cater the needs of their customers.

They have the best team of professionals for developing mobile games. Also, the company stands as one of the most innovative brands, leading the market. Forget competition! They create their own market and with impeccable services, there is no other company that can match their standard.


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