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Amazon China Partner Tells Users to Stop Using Illegal VPNs

September 11, 2017

Keeping in view the recurrent use of illegal virtual private networks (VPNs), a Chinese partner of a global retailing firm has asked the customers to prevent themselves from using the illegal virtual private networks (VPNs). The users use illegal VPNs to circumvent the censorship of the Internet and defy the rules of encryption.

The instructions came soon after the moment Apple removed its VPN services from the Chinese App Store in the midst of a government crackdown that occurred as a sign of protest against the breach of privacy by Amazon.

The government had passed laws in the month of January to ban all VPNs, which are not registered or approved by the regulators. It has a strong stance that suggests the rules dominating the cyberspace should be similar to the rules of real-world privacy controls and internet should be governed by all those laws.

One of a staff member at Beijing Sinnet Technology Co Ltd, a company that runs the cloud business of Amazon, Amazon Web Services (AWS) in China, said that the moment we will discover our clients using unapproved VPNs, we would close down the services.

He further said that these instructions are in accordance with the directorial layer of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). He also referred to the regulator that oversees the illegal usage of VPNs by saying that they have asked all their clients to keep a check on all illegal cross-border interactions that garner illegal businesses.

Since the person was not allowed to speak to any media outlet, so he asked not to be recognized. Another staff member at AWS also revealed on a condition of anonymity that the directives and instructions came from MIIT, where MIIT did not comment.

Amazon did not pay any heed to the Reuters’ requests to comment after US business hours but the organization told the Wall Street Journal that Sinnet was at the helm of ensuring the compliance of all its clients in China with the local rules and regulations.

One of the Amazon spokespersons said to a media outlet that their notice was sent to remind customers about their obligations.

The government has closed down a plenty of China-based VPN providers and many others are at stake. Also, the government has aimed at many overseas services to tighten up the control over the Internet, far ahead of the Communist Party Congress this year.

The MIIT has also requested both high-end hotel chains and internet providers to prevent from helping and recommending people to install VPNs so that no user can access blocked sites.

Chief Executive Officer of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook also talked to many analysts about removing all its VPNs from its China app outlet. He said that he was just abiding by the local rules and regulations-regardless of whether he agrees with them.


We hope that over the period, there would be fewer restrictions than what we are seeing today because there will be more innovations, leading to freedom.


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