AI; a promising solution for reducing suicide rate in Canada

January 10, 2018

According to a survey conducted in Canada, suicide is rated among the second most mainstream cause of death among the age group of 10 till 19. The government is very concerned and has been finding out different ways lately to reduce the number of suicides in the country. However, despite the number of measures taken, the ratio of suicide is increasing day by day. Therefore,  the tech industry has collaborated with the government and has given a promising solution by integrating AI for major assistance.

The officials from Canada are already in conversation with Ottawa based Tech Company which are entitled to develop a program which will integrate social media to forecast the suicidal behavior of people through geographical spikes.

The pilot research

Before they implement, the authorities have stated that they will initiate a three-month pilot program, where the researchers will examine around 160,000 social media accounts to classify the rising suicide trends in different states across Canada.

How will it work?

The Artificial Intelligence will be utilized to predict the suicidal trends in a specified area and then the government will indicate different health programs to take authentic actions. The pilot program for the project will be finalized by the Canadian government around the end of next month and after three months of testing the government will determine if the program is fit enough to work in future.

Ethical inferences

The idea initiated by a company is identical to Facebook’s AI program which monitors the messenger interactions, whereas the only difference between the two projects is the privacy concerns. Artificial Intelligence on Facebook accommodates both private and public conversation, however, this solution will focus on the monitoring of public conversations only, extracting major information from high suicidal rate areas.

The only aspect on which the Advanced Symbolic Solutions should focus is the privacy concerns and should identify the difference between private and public content. In response, the CEO of the company Kelly stated that they are not violating the privacy of any individual and concluded that their job is to create illustrative samples of the population and observe different trends and patterns without disturbing any individual.

The future

The technology is still in process and it is surely serving a great purpose of reducing the suicidal rates in the country. Integrating social media in the project is again a very good idea, as now it is one of the strongest tools for all the marketers to gather relevant information, in this case, social media will be utilized for health concerns, giving relevant information for all the health programs in the country.

The program will be tested in the upcoming three months and it is the government to decide if it will be authentic enough to be carried later on.


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