Aadhaar Data: UIDAI Initiates Action Against Owner of Unauthorized App

September 11, 2017

According to Ajay Bhushan, CEO of UIDAI, UIDAI has submitted a FIR in Bengaluru police station against a particular individual who tried to offer ‘unauthorized’ Aadhar-related services with the help of an application but the case has nothing to do with the hacking of authority’s database or breach of privacy.

Pandey further threw a light on this issue and said, the particular app- against which the Unique Identification Authority of India or UIDAI initiated an action-was giving Aadhar verification to people on the basis of their consent, despite not having an authority to do that.

The chief operating officer of the Aadhaar-issuing body said that according to UIDAI’s inquiry, the app allowed the residents to download their demographic data after giving a consent with the help of an OTP that they received on their phones, linking up to the 12-digit biometric identity number.

In an email, Pandey expressed his disgust, ‘the app gave residents an opportunity to download their demographic data details like gender, name, and address etc. None was allowed to get any specific details about any other person with the help of this app.’

Pandey also cleared his stance by stating that Aadhaar data stays completely secure and safe. He also rejected the reports regarding the unauthorized access and leak of Aadhaar data via any suspicious app.

He said, ‘the UIDAI has looked into the matter very carefully and would like to reassure and inform people about the lesser-known fact that there has been no breach of any Aadhaar data or compromise on the security or privacy of the user in any case.

Though residents are equally blameworthy in this case as the creators or providers of that suspicious app. They were also downloading their demographic data though they are not authorized or allowed to get such kind of services from anyone.

Mr. Pandey also said that these acts are highly heinous and fly under the radar of criminal offense. The offenders should be punished at any cost under Aadhaar Act. It is iterated that this UIDAI has not given data to a single non-consenting resident with the help of any app.

Pandey has also told PTI that FIR has been registered in Bengaluru against the creator or developer of an unauthorized app UIDA has requested users to hide their Aadhaar number from unknown apps, people, or websites.

Pandey further added that residents are supposed to provide or share the Aadhaar number to the authorized agencies, telecom companies, telecom companies, and official government sites after verifying the credibility of these websites along with knowing about their authenticity.


We hope that initiation of such actions will lead to a progressive world since these prompt actions save the society from becoming a subject to criminal offenses and punishable deeds.


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