5 Wiz Tips to Create Original Images & Raise ROI

June 9, 2017

Human brains are hardwired to accept what they see, hear and read. “When you see it, you’ll believe it”, the quote goes perfect for digital marketers, as images have proven to leave a great impact on readers’ minds, stimulating their emotional center impressively. With that being said, placing unique, original and genuine images on your site or blog can do wonders if you’re looking to boost the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) like crazy.

Not to mention, elevating CRO is a complex procedure instinctively and requires various techniques to get accomplished. But, digital marketing giants like INGIC have demonstrated how original images help to trigger views, clicks and conversion rate, giving way to boosted sales and Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

We have thus created this guide to present you simple tips for creating original images. Have a look at them below:

  1. Value-driven Infographics and Photos: No wonder, using high-quality stock photos and high-value Infographic can superficially add worth to your blog. Also, search engines prioritize sites and blogs with genuine images.
  2. Motivational Graphics: Placing motivational photographs on your site raises readers’ spirit to greater extents, making them view your product as it is intended for them. It is thus suggested to enlist a series of inspirational images on your blog that will influence readers towards their goals (that your product will help them achieve).
  3. Customers’ Engagement: Nothing values more than how customers respond to your products. Therefore, it’s essential to incite users post their photos wearing or using your product/service. In addition, include photographs or customers next to their posted reviews on site.
  4. Image Nature: Sometimes being a bit unprofessional accelerates engagement a big time (no pun intended). Using funny memes, humorous photographs and hilarious GIFs with your product in them, can encourage viewers to choose your product.
  5. Communicate: The last but not least, communicate with reader through visualization. Many times, visitors find photographs portraying disappointment viewers will feel if they let go opportunity to select your product.

We hereby leave you with an option to share this blog. So far we revealed the top tips to create original, better and refined images for your site, which will help you gain remarkable prominence in search engines, social media and more digital marketing channels.



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