4 Ways to maximize your mobile marketing strategy

June 9, 2017

It is very evident that mobile is the chief of marketing these days. Consumers from all sectors prefer using their mobile phones to buy new products. According to the report given by Marketing Land, during Black Friday, more purchases have been made from mobile phones instead of the other devices. Therefore, the need to use mobile marketing strategy to optimally position your brand increases twice more than it was ever before. Keeping this in view, we are sharing with you some tips to boost your mobile marketing strategy.


Keyword strategy is the hub of marketing

Keywords are the heart and soul of marketing. As a car cannot move without a wheel, similarly, no web traffic can be generated, without keywords. Though people think that keywords are only important for content marketing, but that is not the case. Keywords have the same importance in mobile marketing too, as they have in content marketing, but with a slight twist. What is the twist? The strategy is a bit different. It does not include simply keywords but also a local area to facilitate the mobile customers who typically search with respect to the local area.

Pro tip: Just make sure that you keep your keyword phrases small because the screen space is less.

Magic of sales and special offers

‘Shop from app and get extra 30% Off on orders above $90’

So exciting it sounds. Isn’t it? Did you notice how easily this small announcement of special offer grabbed your attention? This is exactly what a sales and special offer’s announcement does to the audience. It captivates their attention. Therefore, it becomes a foremost priority of a mobile strategy developer to catch the attention of the targeted audience by providing such offers. It will not only generate a massive revenue for the site, but will also increase user-engagement.

Pro tip: Always include an opt-in to send alerts and push notifications to your users.

Customer engagement is vital

Do you want to build a strong connection with your customers? Do you want them to approach you to share their feedback? If your answer to both these questions is yes, then it is imperative for you to include your contact information. But there are many other mobile sites that provide their contact address. How can you differ from all of them? By taking one step further and including a map with the address.

Compatibility matters

You have a lot of customers, and these customers use a lot of mobile devices. You can never find which kind of a device your customers are using. Then what is the way to come out of this trap without getting entangled? By designing your mobile marketing materials in a way that they get compatible with all the mobile devices.



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