4 Secrets to Create a Brilliant Newsletter People Want To Read

July 7, 2017

Does it sound smarter when you don’t use “Newsletters” for a marketing purpose? According to a study published in Applied Cognitive Psychology, the answer to above question is a big “NO”.

As per cult digital marketers, Newsletter is a vital marketing tool for many businesses. It’s a great solution to maintain contact with your current and prospective customers. Also, it motivates them to visit your site, paying heed to your latest offers.

I’ve been using this tactic since I entered into digital marketing, helped various businesses with latest content techniques, making them outshine others. As for newsletters, it’s simple, they’re cost effective, measurable and can provide optimum results, if written and delivered correctly. But what exactly makes a newsletter worthy enough?

In this article, I’m quickly going to reveal 4 secrets for writing a newsletter, that ensure your customers actually look forward to receiving it (and not simply consign them to junk).

Who will receive your newsletter?

First off, whenever you plan to write a newsletter, you need to understand who your “audience” is. Be it your staff, customers, suppliers or contacts, they all come in an audience.

Examine your audience and the success is just a door away. Analyze who you are writing to, if they are your staff, you cannot pull out the same offerings which you have set for potential customers, make sense? You need to write separate newsletters or be careful of what you write, and if the same newsletter goes to your customers and staff, it might affect your business – for example, “Confidential” information may not be appropriate for customers, suppliers, and staff at the same level.

Analyze what your target audience is struggling with? 

It turns me off when digital marketers shoot their “SALES-Content” without analyzing the needs of their audience. When you’ve examined your audience, it’s time to think about their needs and possible issues which they might face. Don’t start by thinking about what you want to sell them. Instead, identify the key issues that your clients are facing, and then help solve those problems through your newsletters. For inspiration, list down the most common questions you’ve received from clients over the past three months.

Examine the kind of online newsletter you want to send.

One of the blunders that every another rookie marketer makes is, their email newsletters are often cluttered and fuzzy because they’re supporting every aspect of your business. For instance, product news goes right next to PR stories, promotional messages go next to a random event week — it’s kind of a mess. A newsletter needs one common thread to hold it, focused and strategically designed.

One of the ways to reduce the randomness of your newsletters is, by keeping it to a specific topic — be it a new product news, an event or an achievement story, choose one thread and stay focused!

Split content to be 90% educational and 10% promotional.

Studying “human behavior” is always crucial when you think of Marketing. Past studies have proved that people love to hear facts and hate clingy marketers. Analyze your newsletter’s content, as your subscribers don’t want to hear about your products and services 100% of the time.

Think of it, you bought a pair of shoes from a particular brand. You willingly opted into the company’s email list, but it now sends you emails 2-3 times a day — buy, buy, buy !… won’t you scream? But, If they send you educational content – be it the latest styles of shoes, or how to pair certain styles with different outfits – you might be more inclined to buy from them, or at least read their emails again.

It’s all about Human Psychology!


Don’t be a company which solely focuses of catchy subject lines and tricky CTA positioning, instead, understand what an email newsletter is supposed to be. There are some definite things we’ve learned to do subconsciously, but thinking creative is what is “missing” these days.

At INGIC, we help companies in creating email newsletters that focus on sending your subscribers educational, relevant, timely information. For more information about our services, go to www.INGIC.com


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