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3 Most Common WhatsApp Scams You Need to Avoid Today!

May 19, 2018

There is no denying the fact that scams plague technological service — it has recently attacked WhatsApp messaging service as well. For recent news such as, WhatsApp will introduce an age limit is legit; today we’ll outline what’s a hoax and what’s not.

Irrefutably, these days, WhatsApp scams are increasingly nasty. No matter whether they want to scrounge your personal data or simply deliver malware on your smartphone. Our list of common WhatsApp scams will help you stay safe with the unnecessary, yet harmful troubles!

Aer Lingus free flight

Recently, a news spread regarding the company – Aer Lingus – for issuing a warning to its customers in Ireland, making them aware of a scam that aims to trick people into clicking unreliable links by offering free flights. The company stated that these are not genuine offers, and the messages are not from the company. Therefore, before proceeding with any of such offers, the minimum you can do is to call the company and make a confirmation to avoid any hassle later!

Aer Lingus reported that the company does not run promotions on any mobile app. therefore, if any of the users receive a promotional message claiming to be from us, it’s 100 percent fake! No user will receive free flights, so it is recommended that no user should engage with it as their data privacy may be compromised if they do so.

Request to transfer your number

Many people witnessed a current WhatsApp scam that involves a message, which states that “You have made a request to shift your phone number from your current device to another device. It will be made within next 24 hours. In case you did not request for the transfer of phone number, please call at 0902 394 1246 immediately.”

This number is a scam; never call this number as it’s a premium number which is bound to cost you.

For information: a user doesn’t require to request a transfer of his number on to another device on WhatsApp. The user can simply download the app on another device and verify his phone number on it, which eventually removes your number from the old device.

Free Mark & Spencer £250 shopping voucher

These days, we have another most common WhatsApp scam in a shape of shopping voucher that promises a free £250 gift card. The shopping voucher can be used for either M&S (Mark & Spencer) Tesco, or Sainsbury’s.

Even the mature people today are falling for this scam on WhatsApp because everyone wants a free £250 shopping voucher.


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